Since its establishment in 1997, the company Aquamarine Spa has been specializing in the sale of top-quality whirlpools, pools, saunas and wellness products.

We improve your lifestyle, benefit your health, and relieve you from stress.

Thanks to the wholesome effects of water, heat, massage and rest, Aquamarine Spa whirlpools create an environment for your balanced life. During our existence in the Czech and Slovakian market, we have become the largest importer in the area of wellness, guaranteeing complex services which turn even planning and implementation into a relaxing activity.

We care about your comfort and satisfaction and therefore we represent world-leading brands in the area of wellness.

The company KLAFS was established in 1928 by Erich Klafs in Štětín. At the time, it was a small enterprise focusing mainly on the production of health-care and spa accessories. After the war, the company moved to Schwäbisch Hall, near Stuttgart, and diversified its production into saunas. Since its establishment, it has become a world-wide known branded producer of saunas and wellness products with many ground-breaking discoveries in this area, such as the use of hemlock in the production of saunas or the Sanarium system (5 ways of having a sauna within one). The headquarters of the company KLAFS has remained in Schwäbisch Hall to this day.

Aquamarine Spa cooperates with D & D plus, s.r.o., a company focused primarily on water treatment technologies for pools, whirlpools and ponds.

For over 50 years, the name OSPA has been the best known term in the area of pool technology, not only in Germany, but also all over the world. By focusing on the quality of pool water, continuous innovative development of technologies and improvements, OSPA is always a step ahead of conventional pool technologies. OSPA´s aim is to keep improving and simplifying construction and operation of pools, whirlpools and other products where water quality is of importance.

The company was established in 1976 and its main area of business is the construction of public pools. In the mid- 90s, with the help of two engineers, they developed a revolutionary cover for pools submerged in water. Two years of intensive testing and use proved that the product can be used for daily operation and its sale commenced. Currently, the company produces about 500 pcs of slatted covers a year, distributing them to more than 20 countries in the world.

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