Stainless steel whirlpools

Stainless steel gives our whirlpools the perfect design and comfort level and allows them to provide an excellent water and air massage. The greatest advantage of a stainless steel whirlpool is the fact that it is made according to the client´s individual wishes. Be it a private whirlpool, or a whirlpool to be used in a hotel, we can always design and make everything so as to meet your wishes and requirements.

A stainless steel whirlpool is not just about perfect design. We have designed unique types of jets that give you an excellent full-body massage. To ensure a cost-efficient operation, our whirlpools are insulated using PUR foam and a thermal insulating cover. Whirlpools can also be equipped with an automatic roller shutter, or it is possible to use a sliding cover with a terrace.

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